A Writer with a Painting Problem (written reflections on art)

One of the things I like about Red Bubble is that it supports writers as well as visual artists. Writing comes out in all areas of my life-- I enjoy both creative and communicative writing. Writing is much easier than talking, because I get the chance to carefully edit what I'm saying. It also leaves little room for selective hearing or misinterpretation, since everything is right there in print.

So, I'm adding a new page: A Writer with a Painting Problem (click here to view):

I'll be updating this page with links to my Red Bubble journal or any other pieces of interest I write as I progress as an artist.

If you're a writer, you know that you spend an awful lot of time avoiding the actual sitting down and writing part. So really, I should be doing more writing instead of all this painting-- which is why I consider myself a writer with a painting problem-- I keep picking up the paintbrush instead of sitting down to write. It's just so much more calming to paint these days, because I don't have to think so much. I'm hoping to work my way into a balance of the two, hence the addition of a page for my writer self...


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