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Too Much Craziness! (What I learned at the latest festival)

"Crazy Dog" 4.5 x 6in. Pastel on Paper
Click here to buy print (postcard just under $2, greeting card just under $2.50):

Haven't painted anything new in a couple weeks, so I thought I would start small to warm back up-- this is a quick portrait of my sister's very energetic little dog. It kind of sums up how I've been feeling these last couple weeks, with so many shows happening at once.

The final car on the crazy train was last Sunday's Avocado festival. This was my first time participating, and it was in a brand new section called "Avenue of the Arts." My sister (the lone organizer in the family) helped me through the whole process, and if she hadn't been there I would have left in tears at 7:30 in the morning. Actually, I don't think I would have even been able to pack up the car on my own. Here are a few things I learned from Sunday's experience:

1) Be early. We w…

Three Shows and a Festival

I have work in three shows this month.

What happens in Fallbrook...happens all at once!

"Avocado on the Side" (12 x 18 pastel on paper) at Pinnell Gallery at 124 N. Main Ave in Fallbrook CA (part of the "Art of the Avocado" exhibit) April 17th through May 2nd

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"Vogel-Figured" (pastel)

"Egyptian Girl"
Mixed Media on paper

(on display at the Bob Burton Performing Arts Center at Fallbrook High School, part of the Fallbrook Art Association display)

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Click here to buy print of "Egyptian Girl":

Included in Fallbrook Art Association's Spring Show (juried show, runs through April 24th) at the Fallbrook Art Center: 103 S. Main Ave in Fallbro…