Toddlers and Cave Painting...things artists don't have to worry about today

While painting again with my toddler, I started thinking about how much different life must be for artists today compared to those who created early cave paintings.
"Lockin' Horns"
9 x 12 Watercolor and Pastel on Paper
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We have the luxury of bright light whenever we want it, as long as the electricity is functioning. We can paint in a comfortable environment at pretty much any time of day and year, if we have the convenience of a mild climate or a thermostat. We can paint on just about any surface. Our colors come out of a tube, ready made and pre-mixed if we want them to be. We can share our works worldwide, thanks to the internet.

Best of all, I can sit on my kitchen floor and swirl paint around with my little girl, and there's no pressure to do anything but enjoy the experience-- and, I don't have to worry about being eaten!

Started the painting above with watercolor on watercolor paper, then added a layer of pastel once it was dry. I knew we were done with the watercolor when the little one finished as she usually does, by dumping the water on the floor and swirling it around with her hands. It reminded me of those cave paintings at Lascaux (my sixth grade teacher experience is showing), so I went with that theme as I finished up with some heavier watercolor and topped it off with pastel.


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