Creating an image-- toddler style

"Jewel Bug"
9 x 13 Pastel and Watercolor on Paper
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Well, my little one has figured out that pencils make all kinds of interesting marks. I taped down some watercolor paper and handed her the paint board, and she immediately took a watercolor pencil in hand and began scribbling. The scribbles looked like branches to me, so I dipped the brush into the paint and sketched in some purple branches. She continued to add scribbles with her pencil, then swapped the pencil for the paintbrush (she gets pretty irritated with me if I don't let her take over with the brushes). I continued to work around her marks, and got something that looked like a crawfish on a branch as a result. Her attention span is pretty short, so once she turns her attention to smearing the water all over the floor, I usually add the finishing touches and let it dry.

Later, I went over the painting with a heavy layer of pastel, defining the image into an insect-like creature resting on a branch. The blue shape looked like a jewel on its back, hence the name "Jewel Bug." When she's a little older, we'll write a story to go with it.


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