A Relaxing Beachscape

"Horseshoe Bay" 8.5 x 12 in chalk pastel on paper
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This painting is a special one... 11 years ago this time of year, my husband and I went to Bermuda. We visited two beautiful beaches, and one of them was Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay is famous for its pink sand, but I also remember the calm turquoise waters, rocky hills, and, unfortunately, the $25 cab ride!!! We did have a fun conversation with the cab driver though, who told us that the teenagers on the island have to be careful when they start dating and make sure they aren't related to each other, because the island is so small.

Bermuda is not a cheap date, but it's a beautiful, unique place. It's fun to see the architecture of the old buildings, and a little harrowing to watch out for tourists zipping around on their vespas. It has a European feel (visiting a grocery market actually made me homesick for Germany) and some of the men really do wear real Bermuda shorts!

For this painting, I used black Canson Mi-Teintes paper. It didn't take long, but I let it sit a couple of days to make sure I was happy with the clouds. I enjoyed using the dark paper under the bright colors, as it gave the painting the brightly lit beach feel I remembered.

I'm still having camera issues, so I'll only be posting works small enough to fit on the scanner (I'm not that advanced with scanning and stitching in photoshop.) This is surprisingly freeing, so once I get a new camera cord, I'll be able to pick and choose which of the larger works I want to share online.


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