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When perfectionism hits, it helps to have an escape plan...
"Chatte et Fleurs"
8.5 x 11.5 inches
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In my case, I work in an alternate method.  I've been working with pastels all summer, but have hit the point where I am nitpicking over details.  When that feeling takes over, I switch to making fun collages.

When I create a mixed media collage, I like to work with big shapes and layers of texture.  For this piece, I began with a watercolor background, and layered in tissue paper to create big forms.  Once the big forms were in, I added a few pieces of recycled paper from bags (the stems), and began painting with oil and soft pastel.  

I was inspired to make the big flowers after seeing my aunt's large zinnia blooms, but felt compelled to add a little cat among them to exaggerate their size.  That's the fun part of making these collages-- I get to indulge my creative side, and worry less about achieving the detailed yet impressionist effect I strive for in my usual painting style.

Usually, after a few sessions making collage, my mind is clear enough to go back and finish off the paintings I've started.  I'll also be getting ready for the Leaucadia Art Walk, happening on Sunday, August 24th.

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