Big Paper, Big Color

"Party Pack" 18 x 24 Pastel on paper
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More stylized pots... this piece was about working big and enjoying the medium of pastel. I used another reference photo of some Ancient Egyptian pots, and knew that for this piece I wanted to play with different red and green based hues (particularly scarlet and teal). I have an extra soft set of pastels, and those seem to work best with these bright color combinations.

The focus on color took away from some of the value (lights and darks), which gave it more of a flattened look. Normally I would feel the need to work those values back in, but I knew I would lose that emphasis on color if I did so.

The colors and stylized look of this piece made it fun to work on, because it has a retro feel to it. It was also a chance for me to try out my extra large Canson watercolor paper-- I liked the first block I bought so much (which was 12 x 18), I thought I would go bigger this time. The Canson watercolor paper has a great texture-- I like the Canson pastel paper textures too, but this paper grips the medium in a different way. It makes it feel more like, well, paint. And, if I get the urge, I can always add a little water to the painting and not worry about ruining the paper underneath!

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