Avocado on the Side

"Avocado on the Side" 12 x 18 chalk pastel on paper

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Getting ready for the Avocado Festival...

This year, I decided to enter the "Art of the Avocado" contest, sponsored by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. I've been putting together a lot of avocado-themed pieces, but I couldn't decide on one for the show. Finally, I created this one: a simple chalk pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes paper. It was different from all of the previous pieces in that I didn't include all of the details I had in my other avocado works. It's also much brighter.

During one of my art classes at UCR, the instructor asked us if we were "simplifiers" or "complicators." I still don't know the answer to that. I have a feeling that my tendency is to complicate, but once I realize that I'm losing control, I reign it in and bring the piece back to basics. This piece was unique for me, because it started off--and stayed-- simple. Once it was finished, it just felt right, and I knew it was the one I wanted to enter into the show.

I'll be posting more details on the festival in the near future, since I'll be participating with a booth this year!
In other news, I got my first home page feature on Red Bubble today. If you look close, you'll see my pastel "Entangled" (with the big pink flower) in the collection of pastel-themed features.

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