Razors at 6:30 in the morning?

Since someone woke up a little earlier than usual today, I got an early start on painting. I was working on the ever-frustrating job of finishing up a mixed media piece. Dissatisfied with the textures on the painting (I went a little nuts with the tissue paper, and it made the whole thing look a mess), I decided to try a razor blade to shave off some of the layers. It worked, but was a little disheartening to have to take something apart like that. Still, it was a good lesson-- just like everything else in life, I need to be a little careful with the messes I create, lest I make more work for myself down the road.

A side note for this piece-- it's essentially a painting of sand, but the only place I used actual sand in the painting was to make the pink bucket.

15 x 20
Mixed Media on Paper
(acrylic, tissue paper, pastel, sand)


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