Demo-licious Works

I've painted quite a few demo pieces in the past, but this year they seem to be ill-fated.  At least I got a photo of the finished product below before it disappeared:

"Water Lilies" 9 x 12 Pastel on Canvas
Available only as prints

These water lilies began as a demo piece at the Avocado Festival in April.  I had planned to give the piece away in a drawing after the Oceanside Days of Art event, so I completed it and brought it along to display during the Oceanside art fair.  Unfortunately, it disappeared Sunday Morning as I was setting up my booth for the day.  I backtracked, pulled everything apart, and looked everywhere I had been, but couldn't find it.  Assuming it was stolen, I set about creating a new demo piece for the rest of the Oceanside art fair.

The piece went along fairly well, and I figured I would complete it at home when I had recovered from the weekend-long festival.  Unfortunately, once I had it out again to work on, my son got a hold of it (along with a piece of bright orange pastel):

Luckily, with a little fixative and another layer or two of water and dry pastel, I managed to get the piece completed anyway (with a little more orange in it than originally planned):
"Koi" 6 x 9 Pastel on Paper
Click here to view large or purchase
Shipping is included in list price!

I'll be at the Temecula Art Festival this coming weekend (June 20th-22nd) in Old Town Temecula, so I'll probably be working on a couple more demo pieces-- let's hope they have better luck than the last two.  I did smile when I thought of whoever stole my water lilies running around with chalk-covered hands, since the painting wasn't framed yet and had no cover.

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