Slow and Steady

"How 'bout a Hug"
9 x 12 Chalk pastel on paper
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Caught these two turtles in a cute moment at the duck pond in Temecula...

Not feeling well really puts a damper on the creative process!  I painted this piece mostly in one session, then had a rough few days where I didn't feel well enough to finish it up.  It's easy to start panicking when periods of time like that set in, but I've learned a trick as I've gotten older and more patient: even baby steps will eventually get you where you need to go.

If I felt good enough to sit up and work, I added a little touch here and there to get the piece done: a bit of shading on the shell, more depth in the water, or light smears on the rock.  Having been used to completing five or more paintings a week, finishing just one doesn't sound like much.  It's better than not painting at all, or trying to push out a lot of paintings that end up in the failure pile.  I try to remember that as long as I'm getting something accomplished, I'm on the right track. 

So, if you're having trouble finishing a painting, try to take little steps as you get time and energy.  Eventually, you'll end up with a finished piece!  This method also works for household chores, by the way.

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