Along the Water

"Along the Water" 9 x 12 Chalk Pastel on Paper

Haven't touched the pastels lately, but I bought a new set since I was running out of colors and have been yearning to put them to paper. 

A few years ago, I took some great photos at Irvine Park.  I'd been to the park a few years in a row without even knowing there was quite a bit of water there, rife with paddle boats for the amusement of park visitors.  I snapped this scene from the train, knowing one day it would give me a great little painting exercise.

Something about the park reminds me of the images from the old Impressionist works, with families enjoying picnics or lounging on the water for the afternoon.  I didn't see any ladies in nice dresses with parasols, but the atmosphere is quite similar-- a nice place to relax on a summer afternoon.

The painting didn't take long, as it was more of a spontaneous play session.  I've been working with acrylics on canvas, so I took a little break to enjoy the sensation of scrubbing dry chalk on paper for a while. 

I did manage to get a piece into the San Diego County Fair again this year:
"Indoor Garden" 9 x 12 Mixed Media on Paper
Original on display through 7/4/12
Click here to purchase original

I still haven't decided if I'm physically up for any plein air contests this year, but will definitely head down to the fair to check out the fine art exhibit (it's a big one-- over 700 pieces I think!)  I'm always happy if I get anything in to this show, as it's juried and they only accept about half of what is submitted for the exhibit.

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