Simplifying...It's Complicated.


"Ridgeline" 9 x 12 Chalk and Oil Pastel on Flat Canvas
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I may have mentioned before that I had a teacher who would ask if we were "simplifiers" or complicators" as painters.  I wanted to say I was a complicator, because I get caught up in noodling and making sure things look exactly the way I want before I consider a piece finished.  In my heart, though, I think I am a simplifier-- a quick look at most of my artwork would show that I like to focus on the big shapes, values, and colors.

I started"Ridgeline" plein air with chalk pastel on canvas.  It came out a bit dull though, so I added water to blend it.  The water didn't do much, so I began working in some oil pastel to bring out those brighter colors.  That did the trick (normally I don't put oil pastel on top of chalk, but on flat canvas it seems to work just fine).  I struggled with the overall texture of the piece, as I liked the scratchy look of pastel on canvas, but not in a distracting way.  The combination of oil and chalk pastel  added consistency to the piece, and I finally felt that it was complete.  It didn't look anything like the ridgeline I had sat outside and painted, but I was much happier with it.

"Cool Water" 9 x 12 Chalk and Oil Pastel on Flat Canvas
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This was another piece that started off simple, then grew difficult as I struggled to add the right highlights and darks to balance it.  I used a photo from a trip to the East Coast as a reference, and it was merely sky, water, and a bit of shadowy ground on the horizon.  I used the chalk pastel and water combination, only to find that I needed a little oil pastel here too, so I could capture those darker areas.  I kept adding and blending, finally getting the right balance and colors and feeling that the painting had that simplified feeling at the end.

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