Here's to Surfers! (Most of them, anyway...)

"Happy Hour" 5.5 x 7in. chalk pastel on paper
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Used the back side of some Canson Mi-Teintes to get that bright effect this time (I would only recommend this for quick pieces that don't have a lot of layering...)

Oceanside Harbor has become quite popular with surfers lately. Years ago, I didn't quite understand why the beach was separated into designated surf and swim areas, as there were only a few surfers out there on most occasions. Between the summer season and the increase in popularity of surfing, there is now a definite need for all those flags and signs, as it's much more crowded out there in the water.

I usually take photos of the whole beach, and focus in on interesting figures later when looking for inspiration. I remember this particular surfer, who showed up during the afternoon rush (kind of like happy hour out on the waves), stretched with a friend for a while, and took his time heading out to the water.

It's quite relaxing to sit and watch the people surfing and swimming on a summer afternoon. That is, until one of those surfers ignores the "No Dogs Allowed" sign and brings his large retriever without a leash, and it proceeds to pee on your stuff. If you're going to ignore the rules, at least make sure you aren't ruining someone else's afternoon!

(Yes, this happened to me recently, and I had to buy new shoes and clothes so I could drive home.)

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