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"Wish you Were Here" 12 x 18 chalk pastel on paper
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I'm finding that these spa scenes are quite relaxing to look at, and thought I would put a few together to show their consistency in colors and textures...

"Bathers," "Heavenly Pool," and "Bathers II" (all chalk pastel on paper)

The latest piece, "Wish You Were Here," was completed on olive-toned Canson Mi Teintes paper. It was a leftover piece from one of my art classes, and I thought I would try it for one of the spa pieces. I used to shy away from green tones (both in my house and in my art,) but I am learning to appreciate the subtle effects a green undertone has to offer in some of my works. I've always been taught that water should have a little green in it, so this has worked well for these spa pieces.

There were some figures in the original photo I used as a reference for "Wish You Were Here," but I left them out of the composition. I wanted to focus just on the place and how beckoning it looked. If you're like me, you find an empty pool area much more peaceful and inviting than a full one. I have a hard time tuning out conversations around me, and enjoy the time of day at the pool when most of the people have headed back inside.

Adding foliage to the foreground is always tricky for me-- I don't want it to overwhelm the painting or take away from the focal point. In this case, I wanted to capture the secluded feel of the two pools, so I added a hint of the palm trees in the foreground. Between the pools, gardens, buildings, and people at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, I feel like there is something worth painting in each place I stop to take a look. It has changed a lot over the years, but with every change, there seems to be something new and delightful to see.

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