Lil' Orange Tree (painting Fallbrook scenery)

"Lil' Orange Tree" 9 x 12 chalk pastel on paper
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When I opened the windows yesterday, I caught the scent of spring. I know it's not technically anywhere close to spring, but every year there comes a time where the scent of it makes an appearance on the breeze, reminding me that summer will eventually be coming back. Even though I've grown to dislike the heat of summer, that scent still puts a little happy feeling in my heart, because summer has always equalled one big bonus: no school!

I consider this the perfect time of year to be in Fallbrook. There's plenty of winter greenery, but the flowers are starting to make an appearance. The days are warm, but not oppressive. There's not much to worry about in the way of fire season, and the air is clear and clean.

The little orange tree in this painting is one of my mom's. The oranges are sweet, and the tree seems to be bursting with fruit, as though it's offering it to passersby. I wanted to keep the painting simple, planning to focus on three things: the shadows, the lights, and the bold shapes of the oranges. I didn't add a background, opting instead to let the warm-toned Canson Mi-Teintes paper provide the backdrop for this little tree. The painting didn't take long, which I think was because I started with a clear goal in mind. Of course, it helps that I look at these little orange trees every day, and have a clear impression of them in mind as I work.


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