Discovering Fingerpainting

"Pretties for Kat" 8 x 11 Watercolor and Pastel on Paper

We started with the usual materials... taped down paper, watercolors, a tiny bit of water and a couple of brushes. I've been thinking lately about why I don't use the paints and brushes as often anymore, and it's most likely that for me, the brushes get between the direct connection between medium and paper. My toddler made this discovery last night.

I began to swirl the paint around the paper, blocking in some floral shapes. My daughter made a couple of her own swipes with the brush, but lost interest quickly. She began to dip her fingers in the paint itself, and spent the rest of the time happily dipping and dotting, trying out each color for herself. Normally, clings to my side, but this time she was so absorbed in her painting that I was able to walk away and let her finish up on her own.

So, I finished the work by myself, letting the watercolors dry and blocking in some bright chalk pastels later. I wasn't sure what to call it, but later decided to name it "Pretties for Kat," as part of a tribute started in the Red Bubble group The Sisterhood for a 23 year-old lost a few weeks ago.

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