Mixing media and ancient pots

"Pair of Pots" 15 x 20 Mixed Media on Paper
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These two little Egyptian pots looked so cozy together, I had to create a piece just for them. I've been trying to stick with working big as often as possible, as it's more enjoyable than agonizing over small details.

I started with an acrylic painting in pink, purple, and white to show the values. Once the paint dried, I added some chalk pastel to show a little more color and neutralize the background. I've used this combination in the past and enjoyed it, although the acrylic does tend to eat up the chalk pastel (useful if you want to get a nice flat side on any of your chalk, I suppose). The finished product was awfully dusty, though, and lacked any areas that "popped." A little blending with one of those craft sponges lifted off some of the dustiness, but didn't entirely solve the problem for me.

I decided it couldn't hurt to scrawl in a little oil pastel. If I didn't like it, I could always cover it with chalk or paint. The oil pastel cut nicely through the chalk and acrylic, and provided the extra areas of visual focus I was hoping to add. This surprised me, as I normally won't put oil over chalk pastel when I combine the two. The acrylic underpainting must have made a difference.
I can't seem to get enough of painting Egyptian pottery-- the simplicity and beauty of the shapes fascinates me.
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