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Inspiration Photos and Making Friends with Fixative

I started with a photo from my phone (it takes pretty amazing pictures if the light's right).  I took the photo behind Pat and Oscar's restaurant in Temecula, because between the clouds, the light, and the open field, I felt like I was catching a glimpse of my childhood.  We moved to the area in the late '80's, back before it had any stoplights (or malls, or SUV's).  I remember the thrill of being allowed to walk home with my friends who lived close to school, tromping through empty fields to get to their houses.

As you can see, I can't really call this a reference photo, as it's quite different from the painting.  It was definitely an inspiration though, and I did refer back to it for some of the values and composition. 
I actually started the piece with a layer of blue acrylic before adding in an oil pastel underpainting.  I then worked in the chalk, which was a bit slippery on all that oil pastel and acrylic.  This is where the fixative came in handy.